The Best Beaches in Brittany

Brittany, the westernmost part of France, can lay claim to having some of the country’s best beaches. The peninsula is surrounded by sea on three sides; to the north by the English Channel, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and to the south by the Bay of Biscay. The beauty and drama of theContinue reading “The Best Beaches in Brittany”

Sacred Springs of Brittany

An echo of the region’s Celtic past, sacred springs were commonplace throughout Brittany with miraculous qualities attributed to many and were an important part of daily life even after the Catholic counter-reformation.

Piety and Pride in Brittany

Parish Closes are unique to Brittany and one of the most striking features of the region’s heritage. A visit to at least one site should be on any traveller’s list.

The Dry Bones of Brittany

Monumental ossuaries are a striking part of Brittany’s religious heritage.

Although widespread in Europe between the 15th & 18th centuries, nowhere else did they systematically take such monumental form and stay in use for so long.

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