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Armchair Travelling – India

Tired of the current covid related travel restrictions and the winter weather here in Brittany, I took a leisurely amble amidst the shades, shrines and shadows of India; a little vicarious journey on Wordless Wednesday.

Qutub Minar
Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi
Safdarjung’s Tomb, Delhi
Qadam-e-Rasool, Lucknow
Bhul Bhulaiya, Lucknow
Neemrana Palace
Fatehpur Sikri
Galta Temple
McLeod Ganj
Saint-Thomas Cathedral Chennai Madras
Golden Temple, Amritsar
Tapan, Bengal
Amer Fort

In response to a few questions, the locations shown are: Qutub Minar; Humayun’s Tomb; Safdarjung’s Tomb; Qadam-e-Rasool, Bhul Bhulaiya, Lucknow; Neemrana Palace; Fatehpur Sikri; Galta Temple; McLeod Ganj; Saint-Thomas Cathedral, Chennai; Golden Temple, Amritsar; near Tapan, West Bengal and Amer Fort. The header photograph is the view from Mukteshwar looking over the Kumaon Hills towards Nanda Devi.


Published by Bon Repos Gites

Enjoying life in Kalon Breizh - the Heart of Brittany.

247 thoughts on “Armchair Travelling – India

  1. Wow Collin….you have really travelled a lot indeed. I think you know much more about India than I do….from all our interactions and past comments too….next time, I need to travel within the country, I’ll be contacting you. The pictures are so well taken….beautiful indeed…..

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  2. You have wonderfully captured the essence of India.. proud to be an Indian.. on your next visit, (not the virtual one 😏) to India.. do visit my place.. you will surely love Indian home made cuisine too.. to can always ping me here 👍

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  3. Great pictures of India you have shown..!! 🙂 🙂 very nice..
    In case you want to explore some hidden apects of India, you can visit my blog, or check out some of my suggestions for you..

    Manikaran: A Melange of Paradoxes

    Indus Valley Civilization: Port City of Lothal

    The Magnificent Millenium old yet active temple – The Brihadeeshwar Temple

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    1. Thank you!!! Yes, it is sadly human nature to take what surrounds us for granted 😉 I am glad the photos conveyed the ‘feel’! I didn’t go for the famous tourist shots but just wanted to highlight shadows and spirituality 🙂


  4. Love Brittany, great photos, Travel again ? If only …

    One query What’s wrong with snow, and ice ?

    Ordered to avoid leaving our village, this week’s snow and ice was superb. Thanks for reading my posts

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    1. Thank you! Hopefully, we can travel again later in the year. Snow and ice, I can stand; it is the grey limpid sky that comes with them that I baulk at. More snow expected over the weekend but we shall see 😉 Stay Well! 🙂


  5. It’s so grey and murky here, I could happily take up residence in any of your India photographs, especially the
    one with the sheet of sunshine beaming in through that square opening.

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  6. Finally Namaste from India. Thank you for your support. Glad to know you visited India. Love the pictures you shared. My favourite of all the monuments you visited in Delhi is Humayun’s Tomb. Hope you had a good time here.

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      1. 🙂 Wow! You surely did reach the website. Thank you so much. I am new to blogging and figuring out the ways to improve it. Glad to have found your blogs.

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  7. वाराणसी हमारा तीर्थस्थल ही नहीं अपितु हमारे शिवजी का निवास स्थान है और स्वर्ग से भी इनका विशेष महत्व है

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