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The Best Beaches in Brittany

Brittany, the westernmost part of France, can lay claim to having some of the country’s best beaches. The peninsula is surrounded by sea on three sides; to the north by the English Channel, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and to the south by the Bay of Biscay. The beauty and drama of the natural environment and ecosystems change markedly as you meander along the region’s 1,800 miles (2,900km) of coastline. Follow any of the coastal hiking routes or roads and you will encounter innumerable picturesque estuaries, moody dramatic cliffs, historic maritime towns, little fishing ports and pretty small harbours. Offshore, a large number of the region’s 800 islands are accessible to visitors.

You will also discover hundreds upon hundreds of wonderful beaches; some stretch for miles into the distance while others are just 800 yards (730m) of picture perfect soft white sand and turquoise sea. With such a diversity of seascapes and landscapes; from grand La Belle Époque resorts to secluded coves visited only by seabirds and intrepid travellers, any list of Brittany’s best beaches can only be subjective and ephemeral.

With that important proviso, here is a brief run-through of what, I believe, are currently some of the best beaches in Brittany worth exploring. To make the journey easy to follow on a map, I have grouped the beaches within a short drive from the nearest main town.

Brittany coast - best beaches
The coastal footpaths of Brittany, courtesy of FFRandonnée Bretagne


Located in an area of the north coast known as La Côte de Penthièvre, the area around Erquy boasts some great beaches and I would highlight Plage Saint-Michel and Caroual Plage as worth visiting; both offer miles of soft white sand and are great for children. At low-tide, it is possible to walk from Caroual around the headland to the nearby beach at Saint-Pabu.  The neighbouring beaches of Lourtuais, Portuais and Guen have a wilder, more secluded, feel and are also worth visiting. Towards the end of the large beach at Lortuais, there is a 550 yard (500m) strip (if you pardon the pun) where nude bathing is permitted.

Caroual beach - best beaches Brittany

To the north of Erquy, the stretch of coastline heading towards the dramatic cliffs at Cap Fréhel offers the visitor a series of beautiful, broad sandy bays to discover and, depending on tides, it is possible to explore a few from Sables D’Or Les Pins.

Sables D'Or Les Pins - best beaches - Brittany
Near Sables D’Or Les Pins

Also worth a visit are the beaches around Pléneuf-Val-André just a few miles south of Erquy but before you leave the seaside town, do take the time to enjoy the panoramic view from the Cap d’Erquy.


Along the coastline known as La Côte de Goëlo and just south of the historic town of Saint-Quay Portrieux is the beach at Binic and the picturesque Plage du Moulin, a soft sand beach that is ideal for children. North of the town, you will discover the beautiful La Plage du Palus, Plage Bonaparte and Plage Bréhec. These are large and usually uncrowded beaches.

Bonaparte beach - best beaches Brittany
Plage Bonaparte

A little further south along the coast is Rosaires beach which stretches for almost 1.5 miles (2.3km), it is a wide sandy beach which turns to shingle as you get closer to the abutting cliffs and is another beach that is popular with those with children.

Rosaires beach - best beach Brittany
A cove near Rosaires beach

North of Saint-Quay Portrieux, the north coast headed west towards the seaside town of Perros-Guirec possesses some stunning soft sandy beaches with beautifully clear sea and small bays peppered with picturesque islets and unique rock formations.

Turquoise sea at Plougrescant - best beach Brittany


The stretch of coast between Plougrescant and Perros-Guirec will delight you with some wonderful beaches such as that at Port Blanc.

Port Blanc beach - best beach - brittany
Port Blanc

The resort town of Perros-Guirec sits on a scenic stretch of coast known as La Côte de Granit Rose after its unusual and striking pink rock formations and has three stunning child-friendly beaches that offer sea views that are just as pretty as the actual beaches themselves: Trestrignel, Trestraou and Porz Garo are particularly worth singling out. 

Trestrignel - best beach Brittany

Several miles to the south west are the great and often empty Plage de Maez-an-Aod and Plage de Goas Lagorn both of which are worth visiting. Naturists can enjoy an area to the right hand side of the former beach but be aware it can get rather windy on this stretch of coastline.


The historic medieval town of Roscoff boasts some beautiful beaches around it, in an area known as La Côte des Sables and the beach in the crescent bay at Pointe de Perharidi just west of town, looking over towards the Île de Batz, is a real delight. The Île de Batz is only a 15 minute ferry ride away and will reward you with several good, sandy beaches.

Dossen beach - best beaches - Brittany

Continuing westward from Roscoff, the two main beaches at Cleder – La Plage de Kervaliou and La Plage de Kéradennec are well worth visiting, as is Dossen Plage at Santec which boasts beautiful soft white sand looking across at the Île de Sieck. From here, the coast westwards offers miles and miles of sand dunes, beaches and ocean colours that dance between the lightest blues and emerald-turquoise. The beach at Keremma is a particular gem.

Keremma best beach Brittany

The Atlantic coast is littered with beautiful coves and sandy beaches from La Plage Plougouri near Quistillic down to La Plage des Blancs Sablons near Le Conquet.

Kerlouan - best beaches brittany
Kerlouan on the Atlantic coast


On the far west of Brittany, the Crozon Peninsula offers forests and forts aplenty as well as some beautiful coastal scenery.  The area has dozens of picturesque beaches for you to explore, some only accessible on foot or at low tide.

La Plage de Kersiguénou is an impressive expanse of sandy beach as is La Plage de Lostmarc’h just a little further south. If you do not mind traversing a rather poor pathway, I would definitely recommend a trip down to La Plage de l’île Vierge; a secluded picturesque gem of a beach where you could be forgiven for thinking that you were in the Mediterranean or Caribbean rather than Brittany. 

Ile Vierge - best beaches Brittany
Île Vierge

Heading back east along the southern part of the peninsula, the oft-photographed beach at Morgat offers over a mile (1.5km) of soft, white sand that children and grown-ups will love. A few miles east is Raguénez and another sweeping sandy beach, La Plage d’Aber.  The footpaths here give you a great view of Douarnenez Bay and the Île d’Aber. This small island is accessible on foot at low tide and is home to an abandoned 19th century fort.

Aber - best beaches brittany

Just under 2.5 miles (4km) away is La Plage de Trez Bellec; a wide sandy beach about a mile long with an area set aside for water sports and sand yachting. Similar sporting opportunities are available at the nearby La Plage de Pentrez, just outside the small town of Saint-Nic, which offers a 2.5 mile (4km) stretch of soft sand.

Heading further south, La Plage de Kermabec is a good place to access a stretch of sandy beach over six miles (10km) long; it is contiguous with the beaches known as La Torche and Tronoën and predominantly backs onto sand dunes.

Kerambec - best beaches Brittany

Turning east along La Côte de Cornouaille on Brittany’s southern coast, La Plage de Kermor is a popular sandy beach; the first of a series of noteworthy beaches dotted around the resort of Concarneau with its quaint walled old town. While the town’s main beach, La Plage des Sables Blancs, is wonderful, it does get very busy particularly during the summer holidays. Unless vying for a car parking space and threading through crowds of sunbathers is your thing, I suggest that you explore the much larger and far less crowded beaches at Mousterlin to the west or Kerouini to the east.

Concarneau is one of the gateways to the Îles de Glénan, a stunning archipelago of islands about 10 miles (16km) off the coast which you can visit during the summer only.

best beaches Brittany
The Glenans

Continuing eastwards, the 10 mile (15km) stretch of coast between the beach resorts of Guidel Plages and Larmor-Plage is very popular with surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers. Just across the Blavet estuary from Larmor-Plage is the resort of Gâvres which it the start of over 16 miles (26km) of sandy beaches that continue to Quiberon. About half-way down this strip of coast is la Plage de Kerminihy, a 1.5 mile (2.5km) stretch of beach where nudism is allowed.


Located on La Côte des Mégalithes, the Quiberon Peninsula offers the visitor a swathe of good scenic beaches to choose from, particularly on the western Côte Sauvage.  Beaches that are perhaps more child-friendly, such as La Plage du Porigo and La Plage du Fort Neuf can be found on the southern and eastern coasts. The Grande Plage in Quiberon is a useful stopping point for lunch or for taking the ferry over to the wonderful Belle-Île and its many beautiful sandy coves and beaches, most notably Plage de Port-Donnant.

Quiberon Peninsula - best beaches Brittany
Penthièvre on the Quiberon Peninsula

Although many people visit the south coast town of Carnac for a day out at one of its great sandy beaches, the town is better known as the home of the renowned Carnac Alignments and other megalithic monuments. Indeed, the main sites at Carnac contain over 3,000 menhirs arranged in about a dozen rows over 2.5 miles long.

Under eight miles east is one of the gateways to the Gulf of Morbihan, Locmariaquer. A small town with several beaches and another great megalithic site. It is worth visiting to see the remarkable Table des Marchands (a large dolmen with prehistoric decorations) and the Great Menhir (70 feet high and weighing 280 tons, this was the largest monolith ever erected by humans at this time – now, sadly, broken into four pieces). Excursions by boat are available to allow you to explore the Gulf of Morbihan; you can choose between cruises around the Gulf and its 42 islands or strike out to sea and on to the beautiful islands of Belle Île or Houat and Hoëdic.

Carnac - best beaches Brittany

If you are a fan of therapeutic body treatments or perhaps thinking of an unconventional day out while on vacation, you might wish to try one of the many thalassotherapy treatments that use seawater and seaweed to revitalise the skin and body. Thalassotherapy in the modern era was invented and popularised in Brittany and the region boasts the highest concentration of thalassotherapy facilities in the world.

Whatever your attraction to the sea and the beach, in Brittany you can be guaranteed to find one to match your every mood and to break open a smile on even the moodiest of days. Best of all – it is unlikely to be crowded!

Castel Meur - best beaches Brittany

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Enjoying life in Kalon Breizh - the Heart of Brittany.

174 thoughts on “The Best Beaches in Brittany

    1. Thank you! My photos really do not do them justice but a quick search on whichever beach interests you will surely bring you professional wide-angle shots! The big differences between here and the south are that you can be guaranteed good weather in the south but here we have no crowds and you can sometimes have a beach with just three or four families on it!

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      1. The weather is no big deal for me because I swim in mid-winter. I actually stay away from beaches in hot weather and I experienced swimming near the Arctic Circle. So , someday I’ll try those beaches

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have been to Paris 5 times and I regret that I didn’t visit the Northern coast. The only seaside I have been to in France is between Menton and Cannes. Now travelling in Europe is a bit complicated because my wife is Filipina. But your pictures aroused my interest…

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  1. Each of these is beautiful, yet different in their own way.
    A moonlit night, the star-studded sky and the beach, what a sight!!

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  2. The sandy bay near Sables D’Or Les Pins looks so peaceful and… I love that it is empty in that picture! I’m imagining myself taking a solitary walk there! I’m also adding Perros Guirec to my list of locations to visit! Trestignel too now. Kerlouan looks like it’d be a lot of fun, I would love to climb those rocks. Île vierge looks a lot like the island in the film Kaho Na Pyar Hai! Okay, I will definitely have to try thalassotherapy one day! I’m loving that last picture as well, where in Brittany is this based?

    This was a lot of fun to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am pleased that the post has whetted your appetite! Even when the world gets back to ‘normal’, you will not find the beaches crowded even in high season. The last photo was taken near Plougrescant which has many large rocks just off shore – it’s on the north coast not fa from Perros Guirec. I hope that you get to see it one day 😉


      1. Yes! Actually nowadays there is an association (about which you probably know guessing from the other posts – I agree you highlighted it! 😉 Much respect for gathering so many interesting informations on your blog) which is called Petites Cités de Caractère, and this association also works in Brittany (Petites Cités de Caractère de Bretagne) and every few years they organise an Art Residency for artists from various countries, bringing artists from abroad (back) to this land of art and traditions! I had an honour to be an artist in this residency. During the residency I had a chance to discover more deeply how rich in heritage Brittany is and how many amazing things one can find there – beautiful little towns, coiffes, landscapes, coast, green forests, and most important – really nice people! 🙂
        Thank you, stay well too 🙂

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      2. I have seen some artists in residence and did wonder how they established themselves but had no idea it was the organisation behind the Petites Cités de Caractère! What a great initiative!!
        I hope that you enjoyed your time in Brittany! Happily, I have two Petites Cités de Caractère within 20 mins of me 😉


      3. Yes! The initiative is great and really well organised and the organisation members I met are really amazing people.
        I enjoyed it a lot! And also later, as there was a travelling exhibition after the residency and another one in Poland, at which I met the organiser again.
        How nice! Send my good wishes to the cities once you pass by 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh thank you very much for a direction! It looks like a really charming project!
        And the chapels in Brittany are nice too 🙂
        Great! I am definitely giving it a close look.
        Have a lovely sunday evening! 🙂 Thank you once again for a nice direction and for bringing nice memories. 🙂

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  3. Hola
    Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina les escribo, amigos ,amigas y amores ,que siempre su recuerdo esta conmigo.Viajo en las distacias del tiempo, al otro lado del oceano Atlantico para volver a casa.Bella sensacion del aroma a jazmines de mi amada Bretaña en primavera.Espero el verano para ir a cabalgar libre por la playa y en la arena hacer fogatas.

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  4. Hello! I remember our conversation from September and I came to write you that I just completed a post with my memories of the Art Residency in Brittany. If you are interested to see it, you can find it at (I also posted sneak peaks in my latest post here ( I could not find out how to message you directly, so I am posting it in a comment, hope it’s fine. I’d also be happy to share more stories of the Residency with you if you’d wish. Greetings!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! That’s great! 🙂 Yes, I am fine, currently in Spain and in Poland, working on my research, exhibiting works and developing new art & design skills. Same to you!

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  5. Fabulous pictures! Even more fabulous is being here again. We’ve had a difficult few months as my husband has had a Stroke. But great beaches to cheer us up.

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